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Philanthropic Activities

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These FREE new labels are available to place on charity quilts. We would like members to add them to any of the charity quilts they are preparing. Thanks to JD for designing and preparing them. Contact him to get yours.

See additional philanthropic work our wonderful members support.

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The November meeting was a baby shower and was held at Central Methodist church on Pacific Ave. across from UOP. All of you have been so generous in helping us give layettes and other supplies to “Family Ties.”  When I started making the layettes it was to provide the new mothers with items to bring their babies home from the hospital. I wanted the mothers to be proud of their babies.  With your help of so many nice items these gifts have been able to expand beyond my humble dreams. I thank you all so much.

   We also give quilts to “Victim Witness” through the District Attorney’s office. It has come to my attention that they too can use other baby items.   One item that they really need is teething rings.  Have you ever thought of taking your baby to family court and have to deal with a crying baby just because it is teething?  Many of the families who come through the system don’t have a lot of things for their babies. I recently received a note and wish list from “Miss Lisa” at “victim Witness.”  She writes:  I want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication your group has touched so many lives.  You are truly Heaven sent!  Items that they can use are:   teething rings, diapers N – 3, bottles, nipples for the bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups, bath towels, bibs, hats, socks, mittens, baby powder, cotton swabs, gentle baby soap, wipes, bath toys, and wash cloths.  Thank you so much. 

They also can use baby clothes. These are the same types of items that are needed by “Family Ties” along with children’s books and receiving blankets. Thank you all for helping us in such a fun way with the “baby shower”.

                                                       Heart Hugs,                                      

                                                           J.D. & Nancy McCain